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We offer 3 types of Curtain Rods for your decorating and they come in ANY size you wish from 4" to 80". Yes, we even have rods as little as 4" wide. The styles available are Spring-Rods, Sash-Rods, and Magnetic Rods.


Spring-Rods: Also called Tension-Rods and Spring Tension-Rods. These curtain rods are the easiest to install and will have your curtains up in less than a minute. They don't require any screws, nails, or mounting hardware. They hold themselves up by way of a spring on the inside that 'pushes' them outward very much like the common shower curtain rods do. They mount on the inside of your window sill or molding/trim. You need 1/2 inch of flat space on the inside of your window sill or molding/trim in order for them to hold into place. Since they mount in front of your window glass, the curtain length in this method will be the exact same length of your window itself They are white/off-white and have rubber ends to prevent them from scratching your molding. With this method the curtains will ONLY cover the glass itself NOT the molding/trim.

Sash-Rods: These decorative curtain rods are as big around as a pencil and are white with brass ends OR (new) silver ends, brackets, and screws. They mount flush to the door or wall 2 to 3 inches above your window and 2 to 3 inches below your window (with mounting hardware included). Thus the curtain length should be 4-6 inches longer (total) in length than the length of your window. With this method the curtains will cover the window, the molding, and the trim.

Magnetic-Rods: These decorative rods are easily mounted without any hardware since they hold themselves in place with magnets. They come in white, ivory,(Sidelight Size) and white, ivory, brushed nickel, and antique brass (for door curtain size.) Both types protrude out about an inch from the door or wall and mount above and below the window. These rods are higher in cost and thus are NOT included free with the purchase of a curtain from the Sidelight Curtain Store. You can choose these rods in place of the other rods for a surcharge. These rods can be mounted level with your window but more commonly are placed above and below your window. Of course the area around your window needs to be metal for the magnets to cling to. However you may glue these to any surface if you desire.

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