Q. How long does it take to get my curtains after I place an order?

A: Since we keep literally 1000's of yards of fabric in stock, and we don't ever let ourselves get behind,

Your curtains and rods (usually) will arrive to your home or office in only 7 to 10 days! (they (usually) ship within 5 - 7 days and then ship via US Postal 2 - 3 Day Priority Mail)

Rod Only Orders ship within 24 hours and go via US Postal 1st Class Service. They will arrive in only 3 - 5 days.

We say (usually) because once in a while we run out of stock on an item, which is UNusual. On these rare occasions, the delay is short.

Q. Are the prices for one curtain or a pair of curtains?

A: All the prices on our site are for one curtain (Custom Made to your exact size) and two rods of your choice. Yes! Even the sizes for sidelight curtains listed in the scroll-down box are custom made-to-order!

And EVERY Door Curtain is custom made-to-order too!

Q: I want complete privacy where nobody can see in. Which fabrics will work best for me?

A: If you need 100% privacy from both afar and if someone is standing right next to your window, you want any fabric on our site that does not say -Sheer-, -Crushed Voile-, or -Lace-. All other fabrics (cottons, burnished sateen crushed, etc) will provide you with 100% privacy.

However, if all you desire is that people from afar (driving by or walking by) cannot see in, the Sheers and Crushed Voiles work fine. Since we make your custom curtains in these fine fabrics much wider than your windows, the extra fullness or 'bunching' of the fabric will provide complete privacy from afar. Someone would have to be standing at the window with their face directly in front of the window to see in. Especially when it is dark outside and light inside your home. Then they would be able to see in.

Q: If I order an 8 inch wide curtain, how wide will the curtain be?

A: Since curtains with both a top rod AND a bottom rod need much more fullness than regular Top Rod mounted curtains, your curtains will be made 3 to 4 times wider. So the answer is Sheer (very thin fabrics) will be approx. 32" wide (4 times fullness) and Cottons and most our other fabrics will be made 24 inches wide (3 times fullness)

Q: Do I really need (or even want) a 30 - 40 inch wide curtain (3 to 4 times fullness) on a 10 inch wide window?

A: Yes! If we didn't make them with this much fullness, your curtains would look bare and naked.

With traditional curtains where there is only one rod at the top, the fullness ratio (where they 'push together' or gather on the rod) is only 1-1/2 to 2 times. But when you add the 2nd rod (bottom rod), it changes the dynamics of the curtain so much that if you don't have 3 to 4 times fullness, they just look bare.

Q: What discount (if any) is there if I already have my own curtain rods?

A: We will credit your card (or paypal) $3 per curtain if you don't want us to send you the rods included. Please mention this in the comments box or just copy and paste this into the "comments" box, which is at the end of the ordering process:

I already have my own INSIDE mount spring rods. Please credit me $3 per curtain


I already have my own OUTSIDE mount sash type rods. Please credit me $3 per curtain

We NEED to know which type of rods you have, Because:

Our inside mount curtains are made with no fabric above the top rod or below the bottom rod (called ruffles or headers)

Our outside mount curtains are made with a 1 inch header/ruffle above the top rod and also below the bottom rod.

Q: How do I measure if I already have my own rods?

A:For inside mount: Simply measure the inside width and length of your molding. Usually this is just the width and length of your glass.

For outside mount: Simply measure the width from bracket to bracket (since you want the curtains to cover the complete rod) and most importantly measure from the TOP of the top rod to the BOTTOM of the bottom rod.

Q: You have many sizes available for sidelight curtains. Are all these in stock or custom made too?

A: EVERY ONE of our curtains are custom made after we receive your order. We listed all those sizes to help get our customers thinking in the right direction as to how many, many sizes we have. Most our orders are placed not choosing one of those sizes from the scroll-down box, but rather their exact sizes (to the 1/4") typed into the "Custom Sizes" boxes.

Q: We received our curtains today and they look HUGE! Is there a mistake? Our door window width is 28 inches wide and these curtains are 90 inches wide!!

A: As we tell all our customers who call with this question; "We know it does not make sense, but trust us as we specialize in these type curtains. Just mount them and call back if they still seem too wide"

We NEVER get a call back!


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