Sidelight Curtain Spring Rods 5" to 10"(pair)

Sidelight Curtain Spring Rods 5" to 10"(pair)
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Product Description

Sidelight Curtain Spring Rods (Tension Rods) are now available to purchase from the Sidelight Curtain Store. If you already are going to order curtains from us, there is no need to be at this page since all rods are included for FREE with each curtain purchased from us.

Spring-Rods are also called Tension-Rods and Spring Tension-Rods. These curtain rods are the easiest to install and will have your curtains up in less than a minute. They don't require any screws, nails, or mounting hardware. They hold themselves up by way of a spring on the inside that 'pushes' them outward very much like the common shower curtain rods do. They mount on the inside of your window sill or molding/trim. You need 1/2 inch of flat space on the inside of your window sill or molding/trim in order for them to hold into place. Since they mount in front of your window glass, the curtain length in this method will be the exact same length of your winow itself They are white/off-white and have rubber ends to prevent them from scrathing your molding. With this method the curtains will ONLY cover the glass itself NOT the molding/trim.

There is NO SHIPPING CHARGES ADDED to the purchase of Sidelight Curtain Spring Rods from this page. The $12/pair cost includes all shipping and handling. (Canadian Orders will incur an additional $5 for shipping)

Included with each purchase will be 2 (two) Spring Curtain Rods. One for mounting at the top of your window and will slip into the rod pocket on top of your curtain, and the other will slip into the rod pocket on the bottom of your curtain and will mount at the bottom of your window.


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