Sun and Moon Roman Shades

Our Sun and Moon Roman Shades are one of our newest creations at the Sidelight Curtain Company. This is one of the finest and most beautifully crafteed Roman Shades you will ever see. There are 3 different postions to choose from. In the closed position, you have the appearance of a fine Flat Roman Shade. And if you pull the draw cord on the inside right, it will raise just like a Flat Roman Shade. Lower it again to the closed position and now pull the draw cord on the left inside and you will be amazed at what you will see! This designer Roman Shade then transforms into a half open and half closed shade! Each Sun and Moon Roman shade is custom made-to-order to your exact window size. When placing your order with us you have all the benefits of working with your own interior designer, but with no appointments to keep, and no hidden costs to surprise you. Each Roman Shade is hand made by one of our experienced and caring seemtresses. We pay great attention to detail in making each custom Roman Shade. Choose from a multitude of designer fabrics. You're sure to find the look, from everyday casual to entertaining elegance.


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