Sidelight Curtains in a 100% Opaque Beautiful Metalllic Fabric (Page 2)

Sidelight Curtain (Sidelight Panels) in Metallic Opaque (100% Opaque) (Page 2)
Sidelight Curtain (Sidelight Panels) in Metallic Opaque (100% Opaque) (Page 2)
Item# 33-021
1) Color:  2) Size:  3)...Custom Width (inches): 4)...Custom Length (inches): 5) Add tie back (velcro):  6) Rods FREE:  7)--OR-- Upgrade to Magnetic Rods:  8)--OR-- $3 Discount If You Already Have Rods: 
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Product Description

Sidelight Curtain (Sidelight Panels) in Metallic Opaque (100% Opaque) (Page 2)
Our Sidelight Curtains come in these beautiful and elegant Metallic Opaque Fabric choices. These rich and vibrant color choices are for a more formal and exquisite decor. Since they are 100% opaque, they will afford you complete privacy and comfort. (click images for larger view).

**Price above is for ONE CURTAIN PANEL and two rods of your choice**

***The price shown includes your choice of rods (sash-rods or spring-rods).*** Or for an additional $11 you can have Magnetic Curtain Rods in place of above rods

TO ORDER ABOVE, In the "WIDTH" box, simply put the width of your window and we will make your CUSTOM sidelight curtains much wider to allow proper fullness when gathered or 'pushed together' on your rod.

In the "LENGTH" box, simply put in the length of your glass (for inside mount-Spring-Rods), or the length of your glass plus 4-6 inches (for outside mount-Sash, Cafe-sash, or Magnetic Rods)

For a more descriptive explanation of HOW TO MEASURE, please click here

**If you are not sure in any of your measuring, or if you would prefer to place your order by phone, please call our customer service line at (Toll-Free)1-877-831-3300. We are here 24 hours a day to make your purchase with us an easy and pleasurable experience!**

{ NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for "Custom Sizes" and shipping time is the same}

**note**For sidelight curtains with a width of more than 12" (finished width of 36"), please purchase from our Beautiful Metallic Opaque(page 2) Door Panels page. CLICK HERE


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