Christmas Prints selection for Sidelight Curtains (Sidelight Panels)

Sidelight Curtains in Christmas Prints
Sidelight Curtains in Christmas Prints
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Product Description

Sidelight Curtains in Christmas Prints
Sidelight Curtains in a festive and charming Christmas Fabric selection is our newest arrival to Sidelight Curtain Company. Since many of us decorate our homes and front doors for the Christmas Season, we thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to offer a new and unique way for you to add more charm to this wonderful season. French door and sidelight curtains in (5) beautiful designs. Since door panel, french door, and sidelight curtains are so easy to just "pop off" and to simply "pop on" an new set, we thought this would be a perfect way to make your foyer more festive for you and your visitors.

The response and feedback we have been getting on this new curtain line have been fantastic........

***"....leave it to Sidelight Curtain Company to come up with a never before heard of idea of decorating your front door windows for the Holiday season with Christmas print curtains. I can't wait to receive my new Christmas curtains!">

***" First you were able to provide me with curtains I couldn't find ANYWHERE for the odd sized windows at my front an affordable price! Now you've done it again with this wonderful idea of decortaing those same windows with Christmas curtains. Thanks again!"

We at Sidelight Curtain Company hope you will be as thrilled as these folk with our newest addition to our already diverse and pleasing fabric choices!

To make it easier for you (the customer), the sizes shown below are the ACTUAL WIDTH AND LENGTH OF YOUR WINDOW OR AREA TO BE COVERED, NOT the size of the curtains themselves. The custom made Sidelight Curtains will be 3-4 times(depending on fabric) wider in the width, and the length will be the same as you specified in the window below. (example: you chose 6 x 63 **the width of the curtain we will make for you will be 18-24", but the length will be 63") This allows the curtains to be 'pushed together' to make the wave pattern curtains should be in when installed.**(some people prefer more of a full-look and would like the curtains to be wider so that when 'pushed together' they will provide more privacy. For you, as the 'custom'-er, we will gladly 'custom' make your curtains as wide as you would like us to**

**If you are not sure in any of your measuring, or if you would prefer to place your order by phone, please call our customer service line at (Toll-Free)1-877-831-3300. We are here 24 hours a day to make your purchase with us an easy and pleasurable experience!**

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