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This is our latest arrival at the Sidelight Curtain Company! Our French Door Curtain in an innovative new Roman Shade style! You decide on which of our fabrics from our site to be the Front Fabric and the back is a standard woven sheer. The Front Fabric is in several pieces and in the closed position, they all lay flat, one overlapping the other. In the open position, which happens with a small pull on a draw cord, the fabrics "open" to allow a never before seen look!

This is the finest design Roman Shade for door windows you probably have ever seen! It is so unique, so spectactular, that it takes one of our experienced seamstresses a complete 8 hour day to make just one! It has two funtions. In the closed position it provides 100% privacy night or day. In the open position, it provides 100% privacy during the daytime. At night, when it is dark outside and you have lights on inside your home, then people can see right in, sort of like a fishbowl type effect.

This design uses two different fabrics. On the back, it is a woven sheer and this fabric is one piece from top to bottom. For the front fabric, this is a solid and heavier fabric. And the front fabric is in several parts as to allow the open position to blossom. This unique Roman Shade for door windows can also be made for any other window in your home. Please call to speak to one of our design professionals to place orders for other windows. All our French Door Curtain Roman Shades are for an outside mount installation, so please enter the width of your window plus 3 inches, and the length of your door window plus 4 inches. Example: Your actual glass measures 20" X 60", you will place 23" X 64" in the boxes below.

Since these fine French Door Curtain Roman Shades are custom made and are of such a complex design, the 2-3 Days of "Usually Ships in" is changed to 7-10 days.


We will do the math and make the curtains much wider so they will gather or be 'pushed together' and will look nice and full when on the rods. Generally 2&1/2- 4 times as wide, depending on the fabric.

Sidelight Curtain-example: You enter 9" in the WIDTH BOX. Your custom made curtains will be 23"-36" wide. Door Panel Curtain-example: You enter 21" in the WIDTH BOX. Your custom made curtain will be 53"-84" wide.

(If your inside molding is different than your glass size, please enter these dimensions instead. We need the actual width and length of the AREA you want to mount the curtains in)


For INSIDE MOUNT (spring-rods), this will simply be the length of your glass. For OUTSIDE MOUNT (sash, cafe-sash, and magnetic rods), this will be the length of your glass plus 4-6 inches, depending on where you want to place your rods.

** If you already have your own rods in place, simply measure from the top of the top rod to the bottom of the bottom rod, and put this measurement in the LENGTH BOX ***

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: You measure your sidelight window or door window and the glass width is 14" X length of 62.5".

For SPRING RODS you will simply put 14" in the "width box" and 62.5" in the "length box".

For SASH RODS, CAFE-SASH RODS, OR MAGNETIC RODS you will simply put 14" in the "width box" and 67.5" in the "length box". (length plus 5")

***If these instructions are still unclear to you, please DON'T hesitate to call our customer service line and we will be glad to walk you thru the measuring process. 321-735-6003. We are here to serve you!***


Due to the nature of our products, we strongly recommend our customers to request swatches of the fabric (s) prior to ordering any of our products. Images vary and may not describe fabric, color, textures, etc. as they are.

If we make an error we will gladly either replace your curtains at no charge or give you a full refund.

If you make an error or change your mind on what curtain you desire, what we offer is simply our willingness to do WHATEVER we can to make you happy! This includes resizing or remaking your curtains in a different fabric. In these instances, we merely ask that you pay a small fee for the reworking of your product. This will be determined on an individual basis.

If you want to return your curtain for any other reason, and it is within 2 weeks of your receipt of product, we offer a 50% in-house credit which can be used in any future purchase. Since all of our curtains are custom made-to-order, we are not able to give full refunds.


Curtain Rods returns are accepted in their original and unopened package within 1 week of receiving the rods.

The FREE rods that were shipped with your curtain order are eligible for a $3.00 refund when returned undamaged, and in good condition.

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