French Door Curtains in our NEW DESIGNER SERIES! Multiple fabrics can make a nice statement.

Designer Series Custom Curtains for French Doors
Designer Series Custom Curtains for French Doors
Item# DS-01
1) Custom/ You Choose Fabric-Outer (2 curtains per door: 2) Custom/ You Choose Fabric-Inner (one curtain per door): 3) Width: 4) Length: 4) Rods Free:  5) --OR-- $3 Discount If You Already Have Rods:  6) Add tie back (velcro): 
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Product Description

French Door Curtains and Sidelight Curtains have never looked so good! We at the Sidelight Curtain Store are proud to offer our newest creation for our customers to really dazzle up their windows!

Simply by choosing 2 different fabrics from our website, and color coordinating them to fit your decor, you can now have an interior decorators touch for your home, without the added expense. With our fabric selection as large as it is, there are literally thousands of possbile choices of mixing for you. And yes, you can even have a no charge tie back in same fabric or in a 3rd fabric too!

Pictured: The Outer Curtains are from our Rice Paper selection in the fabric choice of Heather and the Inner Curtain is from our Printed Sheers selection in the fabric choice of Scrollwork on Ecru. (Click on picture to enlarge)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service line at 321-735-6003 and we will gladly assist you.


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