Sidelight Curtains and French Door Curtains (Door Curtains)add privacy to your home while still allowing the sunlight to illuminate and beautify your foyer.


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We take much pride at the SIDELIGHT CURTAIN COMPANY to custom make with care each Sidelight Curtain and French Door Curtain (Door Panel Curtain) as the order arrives.

We strive to provide you with the best product at the best price. And since we specialize in only sidelight curtains and french door curtains (door panel curtains), we can make a custom product that will perfectly dress and compliment your window's size and molding type. 'Specialty' is the word that makes our site so unique, so it stands out from all the other sites on the web. Since we don't sell dozens or even hundreds of other curtain products, we are constantly upgrading and working to make our site a complete and diverse shopping experience for all your Sidelight, Door Panel, Door Window Curtain, and French Door Window needs.

Our Sidelight Curtains (Sidelight Panel) and Door Panel Curtains come in a variety of fabrics and colors, from White Lace and Ecru Sheer to delightful Printed Sheers, and a large selection of 100% privacy curtains too.

We have unlimited custom sizes and a complete and thorough 'How to Measure' page to help you pick the right size sidelight curtains and door panel curtains for your particular window.

We hope you enjoy our site, quality, selection, and commitment to service, and share your positive experience with us to all your friends and neighbors! THANK YOU for coming here!


  • FREE Curtain Rods with Each Curtain. Our Site is Designed For Your Ease. Simply Give Us Your Window Width and We Will Send You Rods That Will Fit Your Window Perfectly as Well as Make the Curtains Much Wider as to Provide Proper Fullness.
  • Not just one fabric type (16 types of fabric)
  • Not just 2 colors (over 50 color choices)
  • Not just a few size choices, but Unlimited 'CUSTOM' sizes available
  • CUSTOM MADE CURTAINS for any window in your home with any of the fabrics displayed in our site. Please call for these orders. Same low prices!
  • New Christmas Print curtains!
  • $3 Discount Per Curtain if you already have your own curtain rods. (Just mention this in the 'comments' box at the end of the ordering process, and we will deduct $3 per curtain)
  • Ease of Ordering
  • 24 hour Help-Line to assist you in your measuring process or questions, or to place your order by phone. Call (Toll-Free 1-877-831-3300)
  • For Roman Shades, The Most Gorgeous Top Treatments, Draperies in ten different header styles, all in our New 360+ Fabrics Our New Line of Products

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